About Me

Who is your professional coach at Best Mate Coaching?


Best Mate Coaching was founded in 2015 (as Best Mate Dublin) by Neil Gabbie, a former senior finance professional with a blue chip organisation in Manchester and Dublin.


That's me, by the way, I didn't hire anyone to write this. Here's my story in brief...

I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1995 after the standard three years training with a Big 6 practice (yes, there were 6 back then).

Following qualification I joined a global FMCG company headquartered in my home town, and worked my way through various roles in the finance function. My career in Manchester was a story of rapid progression, taking on new challenges, winning promotions and rising through the levels of management. 

I was married in 2004,  and later that year took a relocation deal to move to Ireland, and settled into a new, but oddly familiar, life in North County Dublin. I had a stable and comfortable lifestyle, with decent money coming in to support my young family.


My career progression had slowed, but I was working hard, often long hours, doing my best to impress my employers and continue the climb up the corporate ladder.


The Pivot: From late 2011, things took a couple of (actually three) unexpected turns, and the events that followed brought me to where I am now, running Best Mate Coaching, as a professional executive coach in Dublin, based in Swords, the thriving suburban town to the north of the city.


I won't go into the details of those events here, but they certainly changed my outlook on many aspects of life.  You could say that I have seen it all, and been through most of it, myself.  I came out of that period with renewed energy and purpose. I realised that you don't have to sacrifice one part of you life for others. There is a way, in fact many ways, to find balance, and remain fulfilled in your career, personal life (including physical and mental health) and your family life. I found the way to #HaveItAll.


I am now a qualified executive coach, leadership coach and personal coach, and I work with ambitious professionals like you to find your pathway to success, in whatever form that looks (and it IS different for everyone).

So, that's my story. To see how I can help you change your story, hit the button below to book a FREE no obligation consultation.