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Who is ready to be your Best Mate?

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I'm Neil Gabbie, Best Mate Coaching founder and owner, and I have found my purpose.


I want to use my expertise and life experience to help other people deal with everything that life throws at them, and avoid many of the pitfalls that appear to us all. And by doing that, help people to be the best that they can be.


I became a personal coach in 2015, after going through a number of significant changes in my life, some my own making, some not. But I have not looked back since.


I specialise in working with men looking to find that elusive work/life balance.


I began my career many years ago as a Chartered Accountant in the UK.  I qualified with the ICAEW whilst training with top accounting and consulting firm KPMG in Leeds.


Following qualification I joined a global FMCG company and worked my way through various roles in the finance function. During my career the company relocated from the UK to Swords in North County Dublin, and I moved with them.

For many years, I was living a stable and comfortable life, decent money was coming in and I lived a conventional lifestyle with my young family.


My career was steady, but I was working hard, often long hours, doing my best to impress my employers and continue the climb up the corporate ladder.


In late 2012, things took a couple of unexpected turns, and the events that followed brought me to where I am now, running Best Mate Coaching, a lifestyle consultancy and coaching practice based in the picturesque seaside town of Malahide.


It's due to those events since 2012 that I feel uniquely qualified and experienced to coach and advise people on many aspects of life.  You could say that I have seen it all, and been through most of it, myself.  


I am now a qualified personal coach, and I want to work with you to get through whatever you are facing and achieve your goals.


And to be the best that you can be.


To learn more of my story, and how I can help you change your own story, hit the 'Contact Me' button below for a no obligation discussion.


Main picture...

In June 2013, I went on my first measured run since before I can remember.  I managed 2 km, it took me 14 minutes and I thought I would cough up a lung. But I didn't give up...

Just 15 months later, I ran the Dublin Half Marathon (21 km) in 2h 14m. It's inspired me to believe that anyone can make a positive change and achieve almost anything.