Work & Career


There's no doubt that our career dominates our world and has a significant influence on how we feel from day to day.


We all have bills to pay, so we have to keep the money coming in.


Whatever line you've chosen (or has chosen you) I want you make the most of it, and be the best that you can be.


Because when you are at your best, everything seems to go a bit better, those tough tasks are a little easier.


So whether you're a senior exec in a multi-national HQ or a sole-tradesman rushing from job to job all day, the strains and stresses of putting food on the table and paying the mortgage can weigh heavy.


At Best Mate, I know what it's like to be an employee, and to be a boss. I recognise the pressures and challenges of leadership, and of running your own business.


Drop me a line and tell me your story, I'm excited to hear about it and discover the next chapter with you...