Mindfulness with Best Mate

Meditation practice


I'm a big fan of mindfulness meditation.


I really believe that is is the best way to prepare you mentally to deal with the challenges that life brings you.


Whilst many of exercise and go to the gym, and have visible results that convince us that this is doing us good, the benefits of mindfulness meditation are less obvious.


Mindfulness can be quite intimidating to take on at first, especially if you are on your own, and not sure what to do.


It's useful to have some guidance from experienced practioners or even users who have some background knowledge.


As part of my coaching service I can help you to get started and provide guidance and encouragement until the time you feel comfortable to continue on your own.


Hit the button at the end of this page to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Mindfulness resources


Here are some of my favourite tools, websites, books and apps to help you get started with your meditation practice.




This is a free app that starts you off with 10 x 10 minute guided meditations. the guys talks you through what is happenening and it's a great introduction to meditation. there are further subscription options if you are interested.


Guided Mind


This website contains blogs and articles as well as access to guided meditations focussed on a number of specific situations. My view is this is usefu once you have some experience of medatation and want to take your practice further.


Mindfulness: A practical guide...


This is a book and CD package, the CD contains a number of useful mediatations including a 15 minute body scan and a 3 minute breathing space track, both of which I personally use regularly.


Here's the Amazon link from which you can purchase directly, for about 10 euro it's great value:

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