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Jordan Spieth Wins The Masters

One final thought in relation to the US Masters (until next year, of course)...

Well done Jordan Spieth. 21 years old. Led from the front from day one. Broke records on the way. Never let anyone get close. 21 years old. Played consistently all week. Acted like a professional throughout. 21 years old.

Did I mention how old he is? Maybe, and that's because it makes me think.

There's no way that professional golf is considered a young man's game, but the rise of Jordan, Rory and back in the day, Tiger, demonstrates that even at a young age, you can be successful. It's hard to think of a professional sport which depends so much on mental toughness and experience, and less so on physical attributes like strength and stamina. I know that's debatable, but go with me. But the young guys are beating the older guys more frequently that ever.

I'm not going to pretend to know the answers, but in some way it seems evident that these young guys are developing the mental toughness to match and beat the more experienced professionals in the field. Few would argue that you need exceptional mental toughness to win a golf Major.

So my message is to the young people of the world. Don't be put off by believing you can't succeed because you're too young. The rules are being rewritten by young people in all walks off life, to such an extent that you could say there are no rules anymore.

If you have that dream, that goal, that belief in your calling, no matter how old you are, you can pursue it and can succeed.

Personal coaching can be a great ally on your quest to succeed, even more so for young people, who inevitably don't have all the life experience that others may have. So next time you think that you can't make it in your chosen field quite yet, because you're too young, talk to a coach...we are trained to make you look at things differently, and unlock the secret to your success.


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