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Can A Coach Coach Him/herself to Success?

I went for a run this morning. I really didn't want to, I woke up feeling very heavy in the legs and I normally swim on a Friday so the easy option was to stay in the warmth and take the strain off my creaking joints. But I missed my midweek run for a number of reasons so had promised myself to get it in before the weekend. And so I did it, just got started, and now really glad I did. Although I'm feeling a touch weary now, I know the benefit I've earned. I'll be writing in the near future about the benefit of prioritizing exercise in your routine.

I also came to a decision. I've entered myself for the Dublin Race Series 2015, which is a handful of road races over increasing distances, in the run up to the Dublin Marathon in October. Although I completed these races last year, it's still a real stretch for me to do them again successfully. After last year, I had to give up running for a couple of months to allow my body (mainly my left knee) to recover. So I'm giving it another go, and intending for it to be a less painful experience.

The race schedule is as follows:

Sat 27th June – Irish Runner 5 Mile, Phoenix Park [8km]

Sun 19th July – Fingal 10km, Swords

Sat 22nd Aug – Frank Duffy 10 mile, Phoenix Park [16km]

Sat 19th Sep – Half Marathon, Phoenix Park [21km]

The reason for sharing this with you is that I'm going to use this 'project' as an opportunity to illustrate some of the coaching principles that I employ with my clients. In effect, I'm going to coach myself through this, out loud, here on Facebook. So over the next few months you'll see the occassional blog as I work towards the long race in September.

Wish me luck, and if you're interested in joining me, here are the relevant links: http://sseairtricitydublinmarathon.ie/ and https://www.facebook.com/dublinmarathon


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