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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I promised to share with you some insight into what coaching is like, by publishing a coaching session that I'm doing with myself on an ongoing basis this summer. I've broken the first session down into small sections that I'll publish every day this week.

Read on to see the first of this week's extracts...

Best Mate Dublin: Hi Neil, thanks for coming in to see me. Before we start, I wanted to remind you that although by default all our conversation is totally confidential, you've agreed that I can share the transcript on Facebook where anyone might see it. Are you still OK with that?

Neil: Yes, that's no problem, happy to help.

BMD: Great. But don't forget, if anything comes up you don't want going out there, let me know and I'll cut it.

Neil: Fine.

BMD: OK, let's start with your reason for coming for coaching today...

Neil: Yes, well, I've committed to taking part in a series of running races over the summer. I'm an enthusiastic amateur runner. I run once or twice a week, most weeks, but some of these distances will really test me. I suppose I just want help to get through it. I tried the same thing last year, and barely made it with my legs intact.

BMD: OK, so what would you say was your immediate objective with this?

Neil: I want to get through the four races, including the big one, the half marathon, without crippling myself. I could barely walk for a week after last time, and it was several weeks before I could run again.

BMD: OK, it seems you really want to do these races again, despite last time you were injured, I think.

Neil: Yes, last time I ran the last 8k of the 21k in a fair deal of pain.

BMD: So what's that all about, going through that pain again?

Neil: Ha ha, the point is I want to do it without the pain!

BMD: Sure, that makes sense. You seem really determined to do this, again. Tell me about you and running...

So that's just a brief intro to the session. Check back every day this week to see how it goes. Tomorrow we hear about Neil's relationship with running...

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