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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Part 3

We pick up the conversation after it had gone down an avenue that was quite personal, and Neil decided to keep the section confidential.


Neil: So it's really about me setting a good example to my kids and also being alive long enough to see them growing up.

BMD: Yes, I see that very clearly. Let me stop you to recap at this point. We started with an objective of you completing your races without (too much) pain. And we are now understanding that that's all about being fit and healthy as an example to your kids and so you can make the most of life as your kids grow up. How does that sound?

Neil: Yes, that's about it. That's definitely the bigger picture.

BMD: Great. So we need to make sure everything we set for you to do from now is moving you towards that and not away from it. I think you'll find that if you are doing something that's jeopardising your big picture objective, as you called it, then it's not going to sit comfortably with you.

Neil: OK, that makes sense, so what now?

BMD: Hang on, hang on, I'll ask the questions, thank you! Just kidding, actually it's a great question, what happens next? Let's talk about the running again, we started with that being really important to you, I don't think anything's changed for you?

Neil: No, I still want to do that, that's still why I'm here.

BMD: Great, we just understand a bit more about what's behind it, right?

Neil: Yes.

BMD: And because this is really about your kids, their future and your future, it's a top priority for you?

Neil: Yes

BMD: OK, so let's go this way...you've done this before, actually, so what's going to stop you achieving it this time? I know you had a lot of pain last year, so you want to do it without that, but basically you already did this successfully.

Neil: Yeah that's fair enough. But in order to do it pain free this year, I'm going to have to train that bit harder. And the problem is that last year I had to completely dial down my training in the last few weeks because I was struggling with my knee. I think that's why when it came to the big race, I wasn't really ready and barely made it through.

BMD: OK, that's interesting, you talked about training. What's the training like?

Neil: It's great, that's the whole point. It's running, and more running, and I still get that buzz and sense of achievement, whether it's a long run or a short run.

BMD: And...?

Neil: Like I said, I need to step it up, and when I did that last year, effectively, I broke down, and had to slow down.

BMD: What do you mean, broke down? Did you cry?

Neil: Ha ha, very funny. No, it's my knee. My left leg is weak. It doesn't stand up to the training.

BMD: What, it's injured?

Neil: Well, kind of. Without going into technicalities....

BMD: thank you!

Neil: ...it's a common runner's ailment. So at certain points your knee just gives up, actually your leg does, but you feel it in your knee. The pain can vary and at times you can run through it, but you pay for it afterwards.

BMD: Pay for it?


Tomorrow we hear exactly what Neil meant by 'paying for it'...

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