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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Part 4

Neil had just mentioned that if he runs through the pain, he pays for it later…Read on (just 2 mins) to find out how...


Neil: Well, my experience is that the longer you run in pain, the longer it then takes to recover before you can run again.

BMD: Explain a bit more...

Neil: So when the pain starts to come on, and that can vary, it's like a clock starts ticking, and the longer you let it run, the worse it gets. So I found that if you run for say another kilometer after the pain kicks in, then it might take 3-4 days before you feel like running again. Which is manageable from a training schedule point of view. When I did the half [marathon] last year, I ran about 8km in increasing pain, it was pure adrenaline that carried me home. Then it was weeks before I felt like running again. And I immediately got injured then. So in the end it was three months before I got back to running regularly again.

BMD: What's regularly?

Neil: Once or twice a week, again. Nowhere near the distances I was doing, but just running again regularly.

BMD: OK, well it sounds like you probably needed a rest after all that training, maybe?

Neil: Yeah, but I can't really afford it, I need to be able to stay active, keep on running, as it were.

BMD: Really?

Neil: Yes, really! It's part of my routine, my lifestyle, now. I hate it when I'm injured, always have. All athletes do.

BMD: OK, you used a strong word there, hate. So I'm going to take it that being injured is a BIG problem, right?

Neil: Yeah, you could say.

BMD: OK, so how do you avoid getting injured? Let's hear some ideas, even those that are not an option for you, let's put them out there.

Neil: Stop running. Sit on my backside all day. Not much chance of hurting my knee then!

BMD: Fine, yes, that's always an option, but it's way down your list obviously. Keep going...

Neil: OK, well, I can dial down my training, maybe slow down the build up. Try different ways of training. Maybe I don't need to do the races. Maybe just stick with the distance I can manage. But I've already paid for them, and told people I'm doing them...

BMD: OK, hang on, let's just call out the ideas for now, we can evaluate them later. So you said you could 'not do the races'. What else?

Neil: OK. I could find a different form of exercise to challenge me. I like to be stretched, that's a big draw for me.

BMD: And what else?

Neil: Erm...I dunno, see a physio or something to find out what's up with my leg?

BMD: OK, any more?

Neil: I think that's it, maybe some other things I can do to prepare for running better? I just don't know.

BMD: Ok, I'm not going to push any more, that's a good list. What's your favourite?

Neil: Well, I want an option that allows me to still run, still run those races. So I need something that helps me train, helps me build up to the distance without getting injured.

BMD: Good analysis! So which options fit that bill?


Tomorrow we’ll read about what Neil decides to do...

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