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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Part 5

In yesterday’s post, Neil did a mini-brainstorm of his options. Here he chooses the way forward…it’s just 2 mins to read through


Neil: I mentioned slowing down my build up, trying different methods of training. And maybe seeing a physio. But I already did that. I know what the problem is, I already mentioned it.

BMD: So you already saw a physio? That was last year, I presume? What did the physio say?

Neil: Well, he gave me some treatment over a few weeks, a few exercises to do, and a couple of days before the big race he strapped up my knee.

BMD: And...?

Neil: Honestly it's difficult to know if it did any good. The treatment was fine, and my knee felt better afterwards, but I still had to dial down the training in those last few weeks like I said. And I think I just ran out of time with the exercises. They were to strengthen my left leg. And who knows what diference the strapping made. Maybe the pain would have kicked in on kilometer 11 rather than 13? Who knows?

BMD: Sure we'll never know. But you said about the exercises, you ran out of time?

Neil: I guess. It made sense what he was asking me to do, and I tried my best to follow his regime, but in the end it wasn't enough.

BMD: Tried your best?

Neil: Yeah, I think. Don't really remember.

BMD: OK, well let's assume you tried the exercises and you ran out of time, I can understand that.

Neil: Thanks.

BMD: OK, we've gone through a lot there, we need to move it forward. Get a plan together. What are you thinking?

Neil: There's a lot to consider, for sure. What do you think is a good plan, from your perspective, you've heard my story?

BMD: Well, here's the thing. It doesn't really matter what I think. I'm not going to follow the plan. You are. So it needs to be your plan.

Neil: Ah, I was hoping you were going to do my exercises for me, ha!

BMD: Indeed. So, even if I was a qualified personal trainer, which I'm not, I'd still want to recommend you come up with your own plan, so that you believe that it's a good plan and you also importantly believe that you can follow it. So tell, me, what can you do, starting today?

Neil: OK, I get it...so I think I need a good training plan, that is less intense than last year's, to give me a chance to get through it without injury. I know I'm starting from a stronger point than last year, so I think I have a chance.

BMD: Good, you didn't mention that, but it's a good point. What else?

Neil: Seeing as you won’t do it for me, I'm going to look into some injury prevention ideas. I'm sure I can find something on the internet, there's loads of running websites out there, I read some of them already.


In tomorrow’s final extract we will see how the session is wrapped up...

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