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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Part 6

In yesterday’s extract, Neil started to form a plan, in fact he revealed that he had already read lots of relevant info, now he ties the loose ends and we close the coaching session. It will take less than 2 minutes to read!


BMD: You've probably already read about the answer!

Neil: ha ha, maybe. To be honest, I used to do yoga a few years back, I had read that some sportsmen swear by it for prolonging their careers. But I was too busy so let it slip, but maybe I can try that again.

BMD: Ryan Giggs, right?

Neil: Who?

BMD: Never mind.

Neil: Yeah, the more I think, maybe yoga is a good way to go. I'll have to find room in the schedule for it, though.

BMD: If it's the answer, you'll find room...

Neil: Yes, I will.

BMD: OK, anything else?

Neil: No, I don't want to throw in too much, otherwise I'll lose track of it.

BMD: Fair enough, so tell me again, what's the plan, your plan?

Neil: OK, MY plan is to create a good training plan that will reflect the fact that I'm at a good starting point, better than last year, in fact I already have more time than when I started last year.

BMD: Excellent!

Neil: But the plan has to allow me to build up slowly, so I don't push it too hard for my knee. I probably need to start up the strengthening exercises as well.

BMD: Probably?

Neil: OK, sure I'll start them up as well. How about I build them into the training plan?

BMD: Are you asking me for permission?

Neil: Ha ha, no. I'll do it. I think I get how this works. So, strengthening work in there, and yoga as well, for injury prevention.

BMD: And what will this plan do for you?

Neil: It will help me to train properly for the races, so I can complete them without pain or injury.

BMD: And...?

Neil: Yes, so aside from the 'buzz' I'll get, I'll be reinforcing my message to my kids about healthy lifestyle and at the same time living that message, burning those calories and living the life that I want to live.

BMD: Wow, sounds amazing!

Neil: Ha ha, maybe.

BMD: OK, let's wrap it up there for today. that's great work, we covered a lot of ground, how do you feel?

Neil: Good, but exhausted!

BMD: Yeah, but you did a load of great work today, some great ideas came out and you have a good plan to go after. What worked well for you in that?

Neil: Well, you didn't let me get away with much. I think I felt like you were prodding me until the words came out. But I'm glad you did. I like my answers. And you helped me realise and understand where it's coming from. Saying that out loud really helps to make it clear. Yes, there's some clarity there that wasn't before. Thank you.

BMD: Great. Clarity is good. Let's meet again soon and move it forward.

Neil: Sure, thanks again.

And that's it. A semi-biographical example of how coaching works. And it works with almost any topic. It works because we are all human, we all have wishes, desires, dreams, ambitions, feelings, in fact several of each. And if they are real to us, and really matter, then with help we can find a way to achieve them.

Tomorrow I'll share just a few thoughts about the key moments in that coaching session. A moment of reflection...

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