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What Is Life Coaching Actually Like? Epilogue

As promised, a couple of thoughts upon reflection...

At the start of this coaching situation, Neil, the client, had a fairly clear objective in his mind. That is not always the case, and in fact does not need to be, for coaching to be effective.

Fairly early in the session, the nature of the objective changed, to a much 'bigger picture' goal. This is very common in coaching and reflects an increase in self-awareness within the client especially around what is driving them.

Actually it wasn't immediately obvious from the interaction what the actual problem was for Neil, if indeed there was a problem. It took a few rounds of questioning to uncover what was holding him back. Again, this is fairly common, and part of the process. The client may not know what is holding them back, or may not want to admit it out loud.

Once all the relevant facts were uncovered, Neil gained the clarity needed and the action plan to move forward came fairly easily.

It now remains to be seen whether Neil can execute that plan well. Follow up coaching sessions will certainly help to keep him on track.


So, there's an interesting insight into how coaching works. Every situation is unique, every client is unique, every coaching session is unique.

Is it what you expected, or did you learn something new? I'd love to read your thoughts below.

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