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Why Are You Here?

I heard a great story the other day, about three guys working on a building site. They were all doing the same job, as you'll see.

Each of them was asked in turn, what job they were doing. The first one said, "I'm laying bricks". The second one said, "I'm building a wall". And the third one said "I'm building someone's home".

So it's clear that they saw their identical jobs in a different way. The first guy seemingly was just doing his job. The second had some idea that he was part of a something bigger. But the last guy had clearly linked what he was doing with a worthwhile objective.

Now I'm not here to say who's the best bricklayer, or even who's the best person. Or even who likes their job best. But simply to identify that each one is in a different situation. With different values, different ambitions and different priorities. And understanding your own situation can then guide you forward. At Best Mate Dublin we are all about moving forward.

So ask yourself: What are your values? What's your goal? What is your purpose in life? Do you even know, have you ever thought about it? And most importantly, is what you are doing today fulfilling your life's purpose?

Which bricklayer are you? How engaged are you with your job, and your employer? Do their objectives and values match your own? Or is something not quite right?

Working with a coach, you'll come to understand your own values and purpose in life, and then take action to ensure that what you do every day is moving you in that direction, not someone else's. And that's how you can feel fulfilled in your life, connected and engaged with what you do. Just imagine what that feels like!

Email me at bestmatedublin@gmail.com or send me a DM on Facebook if you want to discuss what personal coaching can do for you.


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