• Neil G

Do You Have A Busy Mind?

Is your mind full of thoughts, idea, plans, worries?

Do you find yourself daydreaming and then a couple of minutes have passed by without you noticing? And you forgot what you were doing?

If this is a regular occurrence, then it may be that life is passing you by whilst you are in those thoughts.

So here's a neat way of thinking about your mind and thoughts, to help you avoid losing those minutes.

Think of your mind as a clear blue sky (rare in the British Isles so use your imagination).

Then think of your thoughts as clouds passing over head. Some light and fluffy (what shall I have for dinner?) some dark and stormy (how will I pay the gas bill next week?).

The point is, these clouds are just passing through, a few seconds and they are gone. So treat your thoughts the same way: they arrive, they pass, and they are gone. They are just thoughts.

With practice, you'll get used to it, and you'll find less and less getting lost in thought. You're more able to spot those 'clouds' and allow them to pass by. So more time to live your life and take action.

It's a simple mindfulness exercise, with thanks to Headspace app for the inspiration. Try it for 3 days, stop those thoughts before they take over, and get back to living in the present.



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