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Best Mate Is Going On Vacation

I'm taking my summer holiday this week, heading off to the sun for a few days. As always, I can find some useful lessons and advice in this activity.

And here it is....when you go on your holiday, you should REALLY go on your holiday.

This means, you should 'switch off' from your work.

We all need a proper break, in order to perform at our best for the rest of the year.

So don't check your emails and don't answer the phone*.

Here are some of my thoughts around this:

  • most employers will understand you need a total break, so let them know you'll be 'switching off', they'll be fine about it

  • if you have a team, let them cover for you, tell them you trust them to take care of everything, they'll rise to the challenge

  • resist the temptation to check your messages; turn your phone off if necessary, at the very least turn of notifications

  • don't check your emails, not even 'just to be safe'; even if you take no action, as soon as you've read them, your mind is back 'on'

  • apart from the most extraordinary circumstances, your team/business/company will continue, thrive and survive without you for a couple of weeks

  • if you haven't taken a proper break, it might have problems when it needs you to be at your best on your return

  • if you are a manager, allow your team to 'switch off' when they take their own break; in fact you should insist on it

So switch off completely, enjoy the time with your loved ones, be present with them all the time, and reap the benefits when you are back on duty.

Throughout my career I've known too many people who didn’t follow this advice, and then seen them return from vacation barely in better shape than when they left. You daren't ask them how their holiday was! Too many times, that was my own experience as well.

So I'm going to give it a go this time. If you don’t hear from me in the next 7 days, it’s going well.

This is Neil from Best Mate Dublin, signing off, until next week.

Whilst I'm gone, be the best that you can be!

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