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How To Make A Change That Lasts

Coaching is all about change.

One of the first things I talk about with my clients is that if they are serious about change, they must change from inside out, not outside in.

Change from the outside in is possible, in fact it’s quite common out there. If you’ve heard the phrase "fake it till you make it", that’s what’s going on.

You can often get quick results with that approach. However, once you scratch the surface or put that change under pressure, there’s nothing to support it and cracks will start to show, or the client will revert right back to the previous state.

You need the foundation of an internal change to make the impact lasting.

For instance, if you want to improve your confidence at job interviews, you have to understand what is happening inside you to prevent your confidence coming through, and address those issues. You may have a fear of failure or perhaps even fear of success that is holding you back. Understanding and addressing such issues will leave you able to show confidence in all and any future job interviews, or similar situations. Simply learning a number of behaviours that display confidence (smiling, firm handshake, clear steady voice) might well get you through an interview or two (but probably with sweaty palms) but it won’t set you up for future success.

Sustainable, permanent and genuine change comes from within.


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