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Good Habits - Where To Start

I found myself reading through lots of lists whilst I was doing my research for this week's habits theme. One thing that you notice is that whilst many of the authors have their own slant on things, and some unique ideas, there are recurring themes running through them. So by examining many of these lists, you can build up a picture of where the core areas of focus are.

I compiled my own list here of the three core areas I've picked up on, where the right habits can have the most profound impact on everything you do:




I noticed that all these habits are connected with a healthy mind and body.

That's consistent with my belief that all success begins with a solid foundation of who you are. Start by being, everything else will follow.

So if you need somewhere to start, pick one of these three. And if you need any help, support, encouragement, motivations, advice, or just a listening ear, that's what I'm here for, so drop me a line.



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