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The Simple Feel Good Moment Of My Day

I was taking a walk today, in the beautiful grounds of Malahide castle, shaking off the excesses of my weekend and my foggy head was beginning to clear. I was lucky enough to dodge the rain showers, it’s been rather autumnal here in North County Dublin...

Of course I was doing my usual thing, smiling and saying hello to fellow walkers, some joggers and buggy pushers, and getting the same back from most of them.

I came across a small group, two mammies and their little girls, doing the tourist thing and taking group photos near the castle. It’s such a simple thing but I stopped and offered to take a shot of all four of them.

The mammies were grateful and the children excited at this stranger helping them out, I took a couple of snaps, returned the camera and was on my way.

Just 10 seconds of my time, but it was big thing for that group who now have a [perfectly framed and exposed] photo of all of them together; who knows, they may never have that if I hadn’t walked by.

And a great boost for me, instantly energised and feeling good about life and the world, ready to tackle a new week.

A simple way to grasp a feel good moment, I hope you finds yours today and every day.


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