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Achieve Success The Mourinho Way

Image: Chelseafc.com

You may have noticed that the Premier League is about to begin again. I was listening to a radio interview with the top coach in the league, Jose Mourinho. He’s a controversial figure but displays many positive leadership qualities, and there’s no doubt that he delivers success in his chosen field.

The interviewer asked the question, “So, Jose, what’s your priority for this season, do you want to go for the Champions League or is the Premier League still the one you want most of all?"

Mourinho simply replied “My priority is Swansea” (the first opponents for his Chelsea team).

It’s not an unexpected response, and it’s line with the occasional footballing cliche “take each game as it comes”, “we’re just focussed on the next game”, etc.

But there’s a powerful message behind it, one of my favourites: “Trust The Process"

No doubt he has targets, goals and objectives for himself and the team. Win everything, probably.

Importantly, he understands that the only way to achieve his objectives is to win football matches. That’s his process.

So, that is his priority. He knows that if he wins enough football matches, he’ll achieve his objectives, so all his energy and focus goes into winning football matches, not into thinking about winning the Premier League or the Champions League. Step down another layer, all his focus goes into winning the next match in front of him. For now, it’s Swansea.

So, if you want to succeed like Mourinho, stay focused on your process, execute it well, and you will achieve your goals.


PS: Oh well, look how that turned out...

Pic: chelseafc.com

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