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What You Need To Know About Chemistry

Way back in the mists of time, I studied A level chemistry. We had an eccentric Chemistry master. "Gather round, quiet as mice" he would say before his demonstrations. I remember once he poured some kind of oil directly onto the desk in front of us all, then without missing a beat, threw a lit match on it. Of course the pool of oil burst into flame, but then settled and just burnt steadily like a gas fire. No eyebrows were harmed, but I'm not sure you can do that kind of thing in today's health and safety conscious world.

Another time, with a demo set up in front of us, he asked "What needs to happen for these two chemicals to react together". There were two glass flasks sat on the desk.

"They need to be acid and alkali", one bright spark said.

"No, they don't need to be", our teacher replied.

"They need a catalyst", said another.

"Good try, but not necessarily. The answer applies to ANY and ALL reactions"

At this point, we were stumped. It must have been early in the school year.

He looked at the two flasks, announced "they have to come into contact" and promptly poured the contents of one into the other. There followed a spectacular colourful display, both inside and above the flask, and once again no eyebrows were harmed.

And here's the point. It's the same with people. If you want to be with someone, experience that 'chemistry', then you have to get out there and meet people. Come into contact.

So, don't be a wallflower. Make eye contact, give a little smile, go and say hello, start talking and listening.

Then see what happens.

Maybe fireworks, maybe a steady flame, maybe a brief puff of smoke, or maybe nothing.

One thing's for sure, you'll never get a reaction if you don't come into contact.


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