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Why Personal Coaching Is Different, And Unique

It's been mentioned briefly in a previous post a few weeks ago, and I wanted to take a moment to clarify something.

The posts that go onto my Facebook page can be described as 'generic advice'.

They can be very useful for readers to understand general principles about the subject matter on the page (leadership, habits, fitness, style, etc) and can be used to interpret individual circumstances and take a course of action. And I hope that my readers learn something each time they check out one of my posts, and take it forward into their lives in their own unique way.

Personal coaching is different. Whether it's life or business coaching, or any other flavour, the key feature that it is specific and unique to the individual being coached.

Coaches understand that each client has unique history, personality and set of circumstances that mean that generic advice will not do the job. In fact, any kind of advice, no matter how specific, is unlikely to fully succeed.

A personal coach works in a different way to bring the client through to success in whatever they have chosen for their coaching agenda.

So if you want to find out more about how I can help you to succeed in rocket science, brain surgery, losing weight, changing career, finding love or whatever is on your mind, follow the links below and get in touch with me for a no obligation discussion.


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