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Stop Pretending and Just Be Yourself

I've written before about authenticity. About being your true self, not wearing a mask, in all your interactions. At home, at work, at play.

It's so much easier being yourself, rather than putting all that effort into maintain some different persona, maybe of the person you wish you were, or think you should be. Even more effort if you have different personas (personae?) for different environments (e.g. work, friends, partner). Wow, who can keep up with that? And honestly, you're not really fooling anyone. Most people can see the cracks, and they'll play along with you out of kindness. Unless you're really really good, in which case you should be in the theatre. But, offstage, you should still be yourself.

It's infinitely better to be yourself, let the real you shine through, being consistent and congruent with who you are. Life will be better for you, and for those around you as well.

"But I don't like myself", I hear you say. "The real me is boring, sensible, I don't make good conversation, etc, etc".

OK, if that's true, then it's time to change who you are. And I really mean change who you are. Not just put on a shiny new mask.

Change from within. Fundamental, lasting change.

And anything that's substantial like that is not going to be easy. But it can be done, people achieve change every day.

As a life coach I can support you in that change. And make it happen. Starting today.

Investing in yourself is by far the best investment you can ever make. The returns will literally last a lifetime.

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