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How To Win Every Day

This sounds appealing, doesn't it, having every day deemed a success, going home feeling good at having achieved something.

However, real life isn't like that. Is it?

Well, it can be. You just have to redefine what you mean by 'win'.

In most circumstances, we define a win as when we achieve a particular objective, both in work, and in our personal lives. For instance, when we hit that monthly sales target, or lift that weight, or beat our best friend at FIFA. And we savour those wins when they happen. Rightly so.

Sadly, all those days in between are filled with emptiness and disappointment, with no targets hit, no weights lifted and no friends defeated.

The reason is that we are too goal-focused. All that matters is getting to the target, and we have forgotten about all the work in between that gets us there.

So, how do you get that winning feeling every day?

By recognising what you do every day to get you towards your target. Whether that's thanklessly chasing down sales leads, hours in the gym practising the bench press, or playing FIFA against the computer until 3 am.

Without all that effort, you won't hit your targets. So recognise it every day, and celebrate it.

Every day that moves you closer to your target is a win. And if you set yourself up to do the right things every day, and then you do them (whether it's picking up the phone, going to the gym or playing on your console), then you are a winner.


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