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Dublin Race Series - Training Update

Here's a quick update on my progress towards completing the Dublin Half Marathon next month.

It's all about trusting the process...

If you read previous posts, you'll know that I drew up a training schedule at the outset. And you'll know that I've already had to veer from it on a couple of occasions. But importantly, each time, I've not panicked or become disillusioned, I've stayed calm and focussed and brought myself back in line with the process.

And it's happened again, just last week. I had been running really well, my distance was incraesing such that I managed to run 9.5 miles, about 15.5 km two weeks ago, and so was well on schedule to complete the 10 mile race which is in just two days time. Last week I set out confidently to complete a 10 mile training run, only to find that 3/4 of the way through, my left knee began to seize up.

This is NOT me :-)

So it was decision time, soldier on to achieve my objective or cut this run short and live to 'fight' another day. With my new mindset, it's a no-brainer. 'Listen to your body' is the best advice. So I followed it. As a result, I've cut back my training this last week, managing just a couple of shorter runs to keep my legs loose.

I feel good about it, I have a couple more days of rest before the 10 mile run.

Honestly, if on Saturday morning, during the race I feel like my knee is struggling, I'm going to be faced with a difficult choice. It's one thing to cut short a training run, quite another to pull out of an organised road race. But I'll cross that if and when I come to it.

What would you do? Complete the race and jeopardise the half marathon, or pull out to protect the ultimate objective?

We face these kinds of decisions every day. Short term vs long term, immediate gratification vs eventually satisfaction. How do we make those decisions?

In my mind, it's about understanding our ultimate objective. Make the decision that moves you towards that objective, not away from it. If you can make that clear to yourself, the decision is easy.

It's not always easy to gain that clarity. I need to spend some time thinking about it for myself in the next 48 hours.

Whatever I decide, I'll take a look at my process and see whether it's strong enough to get me where I want to go.

When you have your next decision to make, how will you make it?


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