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Dublin Race Series - Frank Duffy Ten Mile - 22/08/2015

If you read my blog a few days ago… http://goo.gl/APvSGG …then you’ll have had the sense that I was a little anxious about the 10 mile run which took place yesterday. My training had been disrupted and I was placing a lot of faith in everything I had done up to now to carry me through, and that my body would not let me down.

Well, I’m delighted to report that my body did not let me down, I made it through the race and it was a great experience.

Waking up yesterday morning, I shook out all the minor aches and followed my usual routine. At the race start, I completed a thorough warm up and was ready to go. All the prep work was done, now it was time to trust the process.

So off I went. I followed a steady pace, not my fastest ever, well aware that the final 2 miles are pretty much uphill all the way.

The long uphill stretch
This is me

Just over an hour and 40 mins later, I crossed the finish line actually feeling strong, with no pain in my left knee and just a couple of aches in my right leg.

Tired and happy

It still amazes me that I can do this, when just over 2 years ago I could barely run for 15 minutes.

Set a goal, design a process to get your there, and make it happen. You’ll be astounded at what you can achieve.

And remember, importantly, even if you don’t get to your original goal, every day that gets you closer is a successful day. What better way to live your life?


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