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3 Small Tweaks To Turn Your Goals Into Achievements

It seems that even the simplest of things we try to achieve become difficult or even impossible because of distractions, other obligations and commitments. And so our good intentions get left by the wayside. So how to we increase our chances of getting those things done. Here are three little steps you can take, which will certainly increase your chances of success.

1. Set specific goals

The key word is specific. You may have heard of SMART objectives. This is a useful framework, and specific is the 'S' in there. Something specific will help focus your mind, and retain that focus.

E.G. Change 'drink less coffee' into, 'replace my morning coffee with water'

2. Get in the right mindset

Ensure that your goal is moving you in the right direction. This is one simple way to increase motivation. And ensure that the way to achieve your goal is incorporated into your daily life. A new habit or routine needs a bit or perseverence to fully embed, but having the mindset to work this way will vastly increase your chances of success.

E.G. Your reason for cutting down on coffee is part of a healthier lifestyle. Then, rather than stopping at the coffee shop on the way into work, take a bottle of water with you.

3. Surround yourself with support

The people with whom you share your life can be a valuable support in helping you achieve your targets, but they can also be a hindrance, unintentionally providing distractions and diversions because they either don't share or understand, or maybe not be aware of your objectives. So ensure those people know what you are up to. In that way they can either help and support you as necessary, or at least stay out of your way!!

By the way, sharing your goals with people can help to increase your own accountability, which also increases your chances of success.

E.G. Ensure your friends and colleagues know you are cutting down on coffee so they don't offer you a cup when they are getting theirs.

You can apply these three litttle tweaks to anything you want to achieve. As I always say, these things are simple but not always easy.

If you need support, I can provide that with my coaching skills, specially designed to keep you on your path. Drop me a line to discuss how I can help you, with no obligation.


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