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Emotional Overeating - How To Stop

If you have weight problems, it's possible that one of your behaviours involves eating when not hungry. Eating for another reason. Whatever that may be.

This is a serious issue for many people, I'm one of them.

A robust solution is going to take a lot of time and effort.

My aim is to educate and increase awareness, especially self-awareness, in small doses.

So here today is a small dose.

Do you recognise when you have a craving for a specific food? Maybe it's a chocolate bar, ice cream, a cheese sandwich or a bag of crisps. But it's something, not anything.

That's a great indicator that you're not really hungry.

If you feel like you'll eat anything, then you are probably hungry; if you need something specific, it's probably something else.

So take a pause, become self aware, identify your feelings at that moment. Then you can decide what to do.

As with many things I talk about, it's simple, but not easy. Taking that moment to pause and think might make a difference. So you need to be able to recognise the signs. The specific food you want. That's a sign.

I really hope this helps you in a small way. It's something I have to work on myself every day, so I know it can help.


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