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How, And Why, To Be Authentic

Being genuine and authentic is a critical element in success in life and business. As well as a sustainable and frankly simpler and easy way of behaving from day to day, in general our friends, colleagues and partners are able to see through any pretences we put on. To maintain trust, integrity and confidence, and ultimately achieve the results we want, authenticity is the way to go.

Here's a list 10 tips you can adopt to help with your authenticity:

  1. Don't seek attention - no need for reinforcement of your ego, you have internal self-confidence

  2. Don't worry about being liked - don't manipulate people to like you, you are who you are

  3. Be able to spot when others are not authentic - being grounded in reality and able to spot when things don't add up

  4. Be comfortable in your own skin - be happy and accepting of who you are

  5. Say what you mean and do what you say - no exaggerations or sugar coating, and meet your commitments

  6. Don't need a lot of stuff - your contentment comes from within, not from surroundings and possessions

  7. Be thick-skinned - don't easily take offence or take yourself too seriously

  8. Display humility - no need to brag because you a confident in yourself, but be straightforward and avoid false modesty

  9. Be consistent - don't swing from highs to lows, stay centred and avoid extremes of mood and behaviour

  10. Practice what you preach - walk the talk, don't expect of others what you don't deliver yourself

In isolation, many of these items might not seem substantial, but taken together these add up to result in behaviour that is genuine and authentic; that is, it will be who you are and also appear that way. Having one without the other is tricky to pull off.

Taking on these 10 items is a process. It might take some time to get there but by following those steps you will get to the the next stage. Because being authentic is a process in itself. The result of that process is achieving the goals you set yourself for life and business.

Trust the process.


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