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Some Thoughts On Goals, Decisions And Direction

I set out four months ago with the objective to run the Dublin Half Marathon, injury-free and pain-free.

So, the race was on Saturday, how did I get on?

In a way, it doesn't really matter how I got on. It was about the journey rather than the destination. In this instance, my journey was a training plan which involved a fair degree of self-discipline, some personal sacrifice, some (mostly physical) pain, some tough decisions and some easy decisions. And through it all, an unshaking belief that the process would carry me through to my objective. I should say, it would give me the best chance of achieving my objective. And I can confirm here that I did show up at the start line on Saturday morning. It was a great atmosphere.

What do I always say? "Trust the process".

And when you get there, what next?

This question shows why it's very important to have your goals and objectives, but they do not really provide you with a destination, they provide you with a DIRECTION. Your journey never ends, you keep going, maybe in the same direction, or you might change direction. But you don't stop and stand still. Even if you want to, life is still happening around you, and you can't ignore it.

So, for me, I have decide what my next direction is. And I'll do that by setting some new goals and objectives. I have some choices to make, some decisions to take. Will I continue to run regularly, maybe compete in the race next year. Will I step it up and go for a full marathon? Or will I dial it down and stick with shorter distances. Maybe I'll pack it all in and take up something else. Or perhaps I've proved enough to myself and it's time to put my feet up, relax and drift for a while.

Although it's only connected with a part of my life (let's say the health and fitness portion) its a big decision for me. We all come across big decisions at one time or another, probably more frequently than we ever realise. Big decisions don't have to be difficult decisions. When it comes time for me to decide what to do next, what direction I will take, I simply ask myself: what do I want out of my life? what type of person do I want to be? what type of runner do I want to be? what will make me happy? If I can answer these questions, and I should be able to, then my decision becomes easy. Make the choice that takes me in the right direction.

I've covered a couple of themes in this blog, so here's a recap of the key points:

  • goals and objectives set direction, the journey never ends

  • trusting the process takes you toward your objective with the best chance of success

  • after, or before, you reach your objective, you can change it and change direction

  • when you have decisions to make, big or small, ask yourself where you want to get to, and choose the course that takes you that way

These ideas will serve you well in most aspects of your life. You need a bit of self-awareness and clarity on the kind of life you want, then it will all fall into place.

As a life coach, I specialise in helping my clients find that clarity and setting them on their way to achieve everything they wanted. If you think that's something you could benefit from, don't hesitate, drop me a line right away. Your future begins now.


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