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Make The Best Of Every Day

Here's an idea...

Treat every day as an adventure...

Adopting that mindset, every experience is something to be absorbed and appreciated. That way, whatever happens, good or bad, you take it in and learn from it. And become better than yesterday.

It may sound a bit fanciful; real life isn't life that, right?

I'm not suggesting that you can change your reality. I'm asking you to change your mindset. The way you think. Whilst that won't change your reality, it will certainly change the way your perceive it and experience it.

Just try it and see. Although, like many things I propose, it's simple but not necessarily easy, there are some quick wins out there.

Next time someone cuts you up in traffic, be grateful that you're not in such a hurry that they are. Maybe you can imagine just what it is that's making them drive that way. When it happened to me the other day, I imagined that he was a Irish Secret Service agent chasing a master criminal who was threatening to blow up Balbriggan Town Hall. And the moment of tension was gone, and I had a little chuckle to myself. And I reminded myself not to drive like that next time I'm in a hurry. I'm not trained like the Secret Service. And there you have it, lesson learned with no harm done. Rather than ruin my day or my current mood, it was actually enhanced.

In order to get into that mindset, I have to prepare each day. I ask myself the following questions with a sense of curiosity: What's going to happen to me today? What will I learn? How can I benefit? How can I become a better person than I was yesterday? This process gets me in the right state of mind to accept what's happening and deal with it in a different way.

And I notice the difference if I haven't prepared myself well, or I'm not quite feeling it on a particular day. Sometimes those little things do get to me. And I still get annoyed, and maybe cuss a little. It's not an exact science, and I'm far from a perfect person. However, the more I practice, the more time goes on, the easier it gets, the less effort it takes to deal with the bad things that happen, big and little.

I recognise that sometimes dreadful things befall us, of course, and we have to deal with them. Having the mindset of adventure and curiosity will put the best thoughts in your head to deal and cope with life's trials.

And if you're wondering why you didn't know there was an Irish Secret Service, well there's a reason it's called Secret!


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