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Notes From Milano

I arrived in Milan last night, and was met at the airport by my good friend and his two sons. A great start to my trip. They live in a smallish town to the North East of Milan city, it's very suburban and very Italian. Groups of old men sat around tables outside cafeterias, sipping on espressos and discussing politics and football.

Today I strolled into the town to grab a quick coffee and cake (actually I don't drink coffee so I'm in the wrong place) and then caught the train into the city. As expected, hundreds of tourists gather in the main square in front of the famous cathedral (Il Duomo), taking selfies and dodging the pigeons.

There's always a buzz about the big city that I love. I took to the streets and wandered round aimlessly for a couple of hours, watching, observing and being present. Not quite aimlessly, I had google maps to guide me.

But this isn't a travel blog...

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • My hosts moved here from the UK just 2-3 months ago, so they are still settling in and finding their feet. They live in a great house in a quiet neighbourhood of an old fashioned but bustling town. They are out of their comfort zone, but this is forcing them to deal head on with the issues and challenges that such a move entails. It's brave, and can be very tough, and I'm pleased they are coping well, and very self aware.

  • Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow. Self awareness is an essential part of making that growth effective, enabling good decisions and correct choices to be made.

  • Don't shy away from big decisions. You can take risks in life, if you understand the elements and understand yourself. Often analysing the situation you face against your own goals and ambitions results in the risk of your choice diminishing. Taking such a decision with more confidence then increases the likelihood of success.

  • And remember, this process all happens in your head, there's nothing stopping you. It can help to talk it through with someone, either close or independent, to ensure your analysis is good, and the clarity it brings is empowering and rewarding.

Next time you're faced with a big decision, spend a bit of time doing the analysis. What's the situation, versus what you really want out of it. Get that right, and the correct choice will appear in front of you in flashing lights.

Good luck, and have a great weekend,


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