• Neil G

One Way To Achieve Freedom

Here's a quick tip for managing your finances.

It's all about achieving some degree of freedom, I hope you'll see what I mean.

The tip is this:

maintain a savings account with enough cash for you to survive with no income for 6 months

If you don't have it today, start saving now.

Why? It creates freedom.

Freedom to take a career break, pursue your dreams.

Freedom to quit your job and start your own business.

Or to pursue that career you've always dreamed of.

Freedom to apply for that promotion or transfer which might jeopardise your current career path.

Freedom to live without fear of redundancy or economic downturn.

Freedom to take risks.

And freedom from worry about any other ‘rainy day’ which comes along

Fear is a major factor that prevents us from moving on in our lives, making progress in our careers.

A financial safety net gives you options, gives you choices. What is freedom, if it's not choice?

So free yourself from the shackles of living month to month on the edge of your salary. Remove the fear and live the life you really want.


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