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How To Change The Way We Think And Change Our Lives

Have you heard about the abundance mindset?

It's one of the most amazing concepts I've come across in the past couple of years. It's a real insight into why many of us behave in the way we do, and as with many things, awareness of it is the first step to change and becoming the best that we can be. So many of us are bogged down in the opposite, the scarcity mindset.

Next week I'll share an article which explains the concept very well (better than I can) and invites further reading including the classic and always relevant '...Habits of Effective People...' by Covey, and a couple of others books and articles.

But in the meantime, think on this. I want to challenge the scarcity mindset that many of us live by. What do I mean? I mean we are in the rat race.

It's a chase to accumulate as much as we can of everything we can...money, love, food, shiny objects. It's what makes us get up in the morning and go to work, right? Got to pay the mortgage, pay off the car, pay the bills. Because the ideal house, the perfect car, the dream partner and the comfortable lifestyle, that's what we are working so hard for. And whether you believe that's a good thing or not (either is valid), it's what is driving you on, right?

The abundance mindset says this...In the world we inhabit, there IS enough of everything to go round. That's everything. So we don't have to go chasing it with all our energy. Do certain things in a certain way and it will come to us. And we have to believe that. Oxygen, water, praise, love, money, coffee: there's enough for everyone. The belief that there isn't leads us to decisions and behaviours that inevitably lead to us not achieving our goals. Ponder that for a moment...

Whenever you say to yourself: "I have to have that car", or "That's the girl of my dreams, she will be mine!" or "It's the house we've always wanted, let's put in an offer", that's the scarcity mindset at work.

It takes a while to reflect on this and get it, and I wanted to set you up in advance before sharing more. There's loads of great writing about it. More coming soon

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