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Three BIG Life Lessons From Candy Crush Saga

I was on the train last week, doing what pretty much everyone else was, checking my phone for messages, going through my Facebook and Instagram feeds. I suppose that this travel is otherwise dead time to people, so they can at least get a task ticked off the list.

As a coach, I’d usually promote using this kind of time for reading, expanding the mind, learning, but that is not the topic for today.

Because on this day in question, after finishing my social media feeds, I switched to my other great vice, Candy Crush Saga, the well known mobile puzzle game. I started a new level and began feverishly ‘crushing’ candy and clearing meringue blocks (if you’ve ever played the game you’ll know what I mean). I created a ‘striped and wrapped’ combo and blasted away a big part of the game grid blocks, and the points were racking up. Then came the opportunity for my specialty move, manoeuvring some candies into place and then combining them into a five in a row formation to create a bonus colour bomb, the most powerful candy in the game. Boy, was I pleased with myself…and I was just about to combine this with an adjacent striped candy for the ultimate move, when the message appeared…”Level failed. You did not reach the goal”.

I was doing so well, I thought, and then...?

I restarted the level to try again and soon realised what had happened. Most levels in the game require you to clear the grid of obstacles, meringue, jelly, chocolate, etc in order to complete the level. And some have different objectives, such as achieving a certain number of colours, special candies or special combos, or gaining a certain number of points in the allotted time. I didn’t check the objective before I started, and so I failed the level, despite having a good time and making some good moves.

So here are the three life lessons I promised:

  1. Have total clarity on your objectives from the start

  2. Remained focussed on those objectives despite the distractions all around

  3. Resist temptation of alternative rewards that are not part of your objective

All coaches will say that clarity of goals is the crucial first step to success, and retaining focus whilst avoiding temptation is the most effective, if not the only, way to get there.

It’s a simple formula, and coaches use it effectively to help their clients succeed in all areas of their lives.

If something isn’t quite working, it may be that one or more of these factors is not in place, so this is where coaching comes in.

Drop me a line to find out how you can clear all the jelly.

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