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How I Became A Movie Star

April was quite a busy month for me. And it's been interesting, I've stretched myself, put myself outside my comfort zone, and feel that I've grown as a result. In fact, you can be sure, if you try something new, and feel uncomfortable, at least beforehand, that you are developing and growing.

So when, earlier in the month, I signed up to be an extra in a movie being filmed in Dublin, I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. I had a reasonable expectation that I would merely be a face in a crowd and that would be within my acting capabilities. So when the morning came, I took the train into the city and turned up at the filming location, filled with anticipation of a fun and fairly relaxed day.

And when they asked me to don a costume for a role which meant interacting with the leading lady, I suddenly felt out of my depth. I suppose the 'old' me would have declined to be at the forefront of the scene and ran a mile. In fact, the 'old' me wouldn't have been there in the first place.

What would you do?

The 'new' me is up for a challenge, and open to leaving my comfort zone. And so I took my position, played out the scene several times, discussed character and emotion with my co-star in between takes, and had a blast! OK, I was flirting a little, but she was a movie star!

And the rest, of course, is movie history....maybe.

Here's a thought... My mindset is open. My mindset is positive. My mindset is curious.

And so, opportunities open up for me. I don't believe it's luck, or fate, or some mysterious vibrations in the universe putting these things in front of me.

It's me. It's what's going on between my ears. The thoughts, the feelings, they become actions, and lead to positive results and memorable outcomes for me.

And the same can happen to you. So take a moment to adjust your mindset, and see what life has to offer to you.

Oh, before I forget, the movie is called 'The Flag' and is due for release in September. Keep an eye out for it and go see it, see if you can spot me.

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