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The Mundane Task That Top Performers Do EVERY Day

It's quite well established that a solid morning routine is the best way to start a productive day. Meditation, hydration and exercise all form parts of those routines most frequently recommended by experts.

But there's one mundane task that often doesn't make the list, despite it being very simple with significant benefits and no down side.

making the bed

And this is it...

Making the bed.

Allow me to break it down:

  • it takes less than a minute

  • it can be done on your own, or with your partner

  • it gives you a sense of achievement first thing in the day, ready to tackle the rest of the day's tasks with a positive mindset

And the BONUS benefit (there really are no down-sides) is when you arrive back to your room at the end of the day, a scene of calm presents itself to prepare you for a good night's sleep.

So, make it a habit, every single day, to straighten your pillows, tuck in your sheets and smooth down your duvet, and get the day off to a winning start.

And enjoy one of my favourite clips from the Young Ones:

Image: B-D-S / Bigstock

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