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My Thoughts On Allardyce

As part of my personal development as a coach, I observe other coaches from all fields and study their behaviour.

So when the news broke yesterday that a high profile sports coach had committed a misdemeanour and lost his job, I wondered about how and why this could have happened.

When Sam Allardyce was appointed as England Football manager in July this year, his delight and pride were hard to miss. They were written all over his face, and in the words he used at that time.

It was a big change for him, a huge step into the global limelight, from the ‘relative obscurity’ of being a Premier League manager. Yes, of course he was already a public figure, but this career growth took him to a new level.

There’s already been lots written about this episode, and much more to come in the next days and weeks. And they’ll come from different angles, I’m sure.

Here’s my take on it...

Everything we work for, everything we build in life, has to be on solid foundations. Whatever is on the outside can look nice and shiny, and that’s fine, but what’s on the inside is much more important. On the inside is where everything happens, where thoughts and ideas get processed, decisions are made. If the driving values for those decisions are not consistent with what’s portrayed on the surface, cracks will appear, sooner or later.

And so, whatever circumstances Allardyce found himself in in days and weeks gone by, his true self on the inside led him to thoughts, decisions and behaviour that brought about his downfall.

No doubt, the relevant footballing authorities will take lessons from this episode. They’ll examine their people, processes and values, and the culture that is embedded in their sport, beloved by millions. They should. And I hope they find some simple answers.

If we are to succeed, be fulfilled, and find happiness in any walk of life, or just in life, we must change from the inside, within our heart, soul and spirit. It has to be true. We can all wear masks, in fact we all do at some points, but eventually the mask will slip and the endeavour comes crashing down.

So, for Allardyce, a man with vast footballing experience, he should look inside himself and find the truth that caused him to make, in his words, such an error of judgement that cost him so dear.

Find the right truth inside you, for you and your life, and let it shine through in everything you do, and success, fulfilment and happiness will surely follow.

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