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Why You Should Keep Going...

This is a small inconsequential story with a big message, so read through to the end...

My flight back to Dublin was delayed on Wednesday evening, and it was doubtful I'd be in time to catch my bus home, due to leave at 7:00pm. As I stepped off the plane at 6:52, I was not at all confident of making the journey through terminal 1 new pier, across the bridge, through passport control and arrivals to the bus lanes, in 8 minutes. Impossible! I set off running, in any case, not entirely sure how long it might take me, but having walked it many times and having easily spent more than 8 minutes in passport control, so the odds were certainly not in my favour.

As I crossed the curved bridge (many of you will know where I mean) my watch said 6:56 and my odds were lengthening with every passing second. All my logic said to me to give up, save myself the effort. I was already resigned to an hour's further wait in arrivals, but for some reason, I still kept going. Passport control was quiet and I emerged from the booth at 6:58. I know the 102 leaves promptly, so I made a final burst of speed to surge through the arrivals hall [cue Chariots of Fire music].

I emerged from the terminal and crossed to the far bus lane as my watch ticked to 7:00. I saw the bus doors close and the driver signal to pull away. I waved frantically at him as I approached, and somehow he spotted me down the road. He pulled back in and waited for me to board. Success! I paid my fare and took my seat, panting and sweating but amazed and grateful that I had kept going. I'd made the impossible possible, in a small way. That extra hour at home would be very sweet!

Like I said at the start, this was an inconsequential story with a big message...

Never give up!

Keep going til you can go no more. Not because it guarantees success. Because giving up guarantees failure.

If you keep going, things may work out for you, or they may not. If you give up, they most certainly will not.

Never give up!

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