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Goals: Set Them and Forget Them

Last month I completed my Better Man Seminar Series. I have to say I had a great time doing it, met some great people and learnt so much about myself as well as the attendees during the six week period. So much so, that I'll definitely be holding another on in the near future. Keep an eye out for news on that in the coming weeks.

Session 1 in the series was about setting goals. Goal setting is a critical part of ANY endeavour that you set out upon. How else will you know what you trying to achieve, and whether you have achieved it or even got close. Goals can be big or small, they are equally important to your endeavour.

And yet, so many of us omit this step when going through life. Sure, "I'll lose some weight", "I'll get fit", "I'll find a good man", "I'll get a better job" are regular phrases we'll use, maybe more often at new year when the resolutions come out. And like most resolutions, they are destined to end in failure and disappointment.

So, the best way to set proper goals is actually another story, today I want to share with you another critical idea about goals: set them, and forget them.

The idea here is that once you've set you proper goals, you need to immediately move on to a plan to get there. It's the execution of that plan that really matters, that's how you succeed and achieve, so once you've set your goal, get going with the plan.

So, when I say 'forget about your goal' I really mean to 'put it out of your mind'. But the goal is still there, still important, so here's another crucial step. Write it down.

So when you do forget, you can bring it back as needed, to keep you on track. It's amazing how effective this is. For me, my goals are written, printed and framed on my bedroom wall. A nice reminder as I set out every day that I must execute my plan.

Try it, and see the difference it makes.

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