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A Walk On The Wild Side

This week, I tried something new in one of my coaching sessions. It was an idea that came up in the EMCC Conference that I attended recently: 'walking coaching'.

It's exactly as it sounds. Get up, go for a walk and continue the discussion as we go. The idea is that the change of situation creates a change in perspective, for both coach and client, and new ideas and insights can be generated.

So midway through our session on Wednesday morning, we got up, put our coats on and left the building for a 20 minute stroll around a nearby business park. That's ok, we weren't there for the scenery.

Now, I must confess I 'hacked' the idea generation part of the process by suggesting that we use the time to brainstorm some approaches and solutions to a situation my client was facing. So, of course, there were plenty of ideas. And we both noticed a difference in the energy between us.

The fresh air, movement and different environment certainly had a positive impact, at least on my own thought process.

However, of course, it's not about me, it's about my client. So a bit later, having had time to reflect, I asked him for a couple of comments on how the process went for him.

"It was great, it changes state, invigorates and allows for flow of ideas" and "Let's try this for the whole session next time"

I'm viewing this as a great success, and, weather permitting, will incorporate it into many of my future coaching sessions, as long as my clients are open to it.

If you're interested in finding out how 'walking coaching' can help in your own situation, click this link to see how you can book a FREE 'Discover Your Pathway To Success' consultation...

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