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5 Easy Tips For Good Nights and Great Mornings

Let’s start the year with some good habits to help us be our best this year, all day, every day.

It’s non-negotiable, we need good sleep to function well. So here are 5 little tips we can use to improve our sleep:

1) ‘Dark time’ - between 15 and 30 mins before going to bed, turn off all lights and devices in our living space; just sit on our sofa in darkness; maybe meditate; just prepare our body and mind for sleep without external stimulation;

2) 'Dark bedroom' - ensure our bedroom is as dark as possible; that means thick or blackout curtains that leak minimal daylight; keep artificial lighting to a minimum whilst preparing for bed; no full on lights, keep them dimmed;

3) ‘Tech-free environment’ - we all know this, but it remains critically important; switch off those devices, and leave them charging outside the bedroom; no external stimulation;

4) ‘Positive bed time’ - the way our brains work, we frequently wake up with the same thoughts that we take to bed; so make sure those bedtime thoughts are positive; think about how tomorrow is going to be a great day, all the things we will achieve, rather than all those things we are dreading; we’ll awaken with great energy and optimism for the day;

5) ‘Get moving in the morning’ - make sure we feel good when we wake up by taking a little exercise to release endorphines into our system, so we are ready for our day;

If we repeat these tips every day, before long they will become positive habits that then become who we are: a positive thinker who sleeps well every night and awakes refreshed and ready to take on the day. Sounds pretty good, right?

Inspired by an article by Andy Ooi

Image credits: bigstockphoto.com

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