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Have You Set Your Goals For 2017? I have...

We are approaching the end of January, and it got me to wondering how everyone is doing in setting (or indeed resetting) their goals for 2017. Aside from the objectives that your organisation will put on you, you should also be setting your own personal and professional goals.

Let's be clear, the goals that the organisation puts on you are the organisation's goals, not necessarily yours (although they might be closely connected).

So it's important that from a personal perspective that you know what you are working towards.

For me, my 2016 goals have rolled over into 2017 and don't need too much adjusting. Without going into too much detail, I have three high level goals that I'm working towards in my life, and a plan behind each of them. I'd say three goals is plenty; with any more there's a risk of focus being diluted and conflicts of attention and resource.

My first goal is for my coaching practice, where I have clear, well defined targets in terms of revenue growth this year. I understand how this links back to number of clients I must enrol. And of course this forms part of my longer term vision for where my career will go.

From a family point of view, I have laid out expectations for myself in terms of how good a father I am to my two children. I have specified expectations of behaviour for myself that will yield outcomes in terms of my children's achievements, behaviour and most importantly happiness.

And finally I have set health related goals for myself in terms of weight loss and athletic achievement, to keep me motivated to look after myself.

And of course I have a plan of action, the steps that I must take, in order to achieve each of these.

I'm not afraid of saying that anything that falls outside of these three goals will not get much of my attention in the foreseeable future. Certainly anything that will jeopardise my achievement of these three is going to be pushed aside. But I recognise that there are other (worthwhile) things going on in my life, and where I can align these with my three main goals, they do get some of my time.

So, friends, family, leisure activities, will all get my attention as long as they don't serve to take me off my path. It's a very disciplined way of living, but it has served me very well over the last couple of years. I'm certainly much closer to all my objectives than when I started, and also my life is much less cluttered and distracted, and free from drama, stress and anxiety. And yes, I am happy.

If this sounds like the kind of life you are looking for, a good place to start is to read my e-book 'Three Steps to find Focus, Direction and Positivity' which will lay out some of the foundations you need to get in place in order to live this way, and it is available to download at this link or https://goo.gl/R098kI

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