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The Coach That Helped O’Sullivan To Olympic Glory

I was flicking channels last night after watching the match, and stumbled across a documentary narrated by Kilkenny hurler Henry Shefflin. I'm not into GAA at all but I know enough to realise that this guy won a lot, and so was immediately caught by this show about the mindset of 'Winning’.

You can watch the full show here...

Amongst several sports stars, including Paul O'Connell and Enda McNulty, Shefflin spoke to Sonia O’Sullivan, who told the story of her preparation for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

In the run up to the Olympics, O’Sullivan had a number of races planned. She went into a meeting in London feeling good, expecting to run well and expecting to win. As she explained, for some reason, she did neither, and her confidence was shattered. Disillusioned, she withdrew from the next race in Zurich, and her preparations for the Olympics were in tatters.

She then explains how a visit to a life coach changed everything. The life coach was able to step in where her athletic coach was not, and helped O’Sullivan understand that everything she did was her own choice. It was her choice to withdraw from Zurich, and it could also be her choice to re-enter. Her mindset had shifted so that she could take control.

O'Sullivan with Silver

With renewed belief, O’Sullivan competed at Zurich, performed well, and went on the following month to achieve a dramatic and historic Silver Medal in the 5000m at the Sydney Olympics.

Score 1 for the life coach!

So, who do you speak to when you are disillusioned and your confidence has taken hit?

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