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I'm Having One Of Those Weeks

I don't normally write a blog like this. The tone is rather downbeat.

I'll be honest, I've had a tough couple of days. There's nothing dramatic going on. I just know I've had a lot to do. And some conflicting priorities that I needed to manage.

I've been up late to meet certain commitments, and then been up early to follow through with other obligations. And it's just hit me where I can feel my energy levels being challenged.

And I see the visible signs, in terms of lack of motivation, irritability and reduced patience (sorry, kids!) and wandering attention.

It's a classic sign of lack of sleep.

The ability to analyse my situation in this way is really powerful. It allows me to take a step back, out of the situation, and reframe.

What's done is done, and how I move forward from this point is completely within my control.

And now I'm back. My energy is back. My motivation is back, I'm laser-focused again, and feel like I can deal with anything (bring it on, kids!).

Just so you know, nothing new happened externally. This all comes from within. Stop, step back, reflect and reframe. And early to bed tonight.

I can do it, and so can you!

#sleep #choice #positivity #patience

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