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Coaching for Leadership Development

Last year I attended a breakfast briefing held by the EMCC Ireland in Ballsbridge.

The topic was the results of research into the impact of executive coaching on leadership development in CEOs of around 200 SMEs in Ireland.

Four key impacts on the individual CEOs were confirmed by the research:

  1. Increased self awareness - discovery of strengths, weaknesses and blind spots

  2. Positive behavioural change - actions aligned with organisational targets, improved relationships with teams

  3. Improved learning - understanding the impact of their behaviour on their teams

  4. Increased confidence - especially in ability to be a leader

The research continued to then analyse the impact on the organisation itself, with two key findings:

  • Driving change - board and organisational structure and alignment

  • Improved performance - enhanced strategy and team effectiveness

It was really interesting and well delivered by Mariam Dadabhay, and great to see the work of coaches across Ireland being validated and appreciated.

Coaching is indeed an enabler of leadership development, and so, improved individual and organisational performance.

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