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The ONE thing that nobody* disagrees about...

water everywhere

Here's a basic truth you need to get your head round...it's a topic that engages experts like life coaches, trainers, doctors and many more.

Personal trainers and exercise gurus will argue 'til the end of time about which is the best exercise.

Dieticians and nutritionists will argue long and hard about the best diet for a healthy life.

And most medical professionals will disagree on the best lifestyle we should adopt to life a long and healthy life.

However, every single one of them will agree that sufficient HYDRATION in whatever lifestyle, exercise, diet you choose is ESSENTIAL. This is not up for debate. It's NON-NEGOTIABLE.

And yet, how any of us neglect this simple principle, opting instead for tea, coffee and fizzy drinks to keep us going through the day? Or worse still, nothing at all, allowing ourselves to get dehydrated without even knowing it.

Every single one of our physical and mental processes depends on enough water to work well. Put simply, without enough water, we are not able to function at our best.

Here's a short list of bodily systems: muscular, respiratory, immune, digestive, cognitive (thinking), metabolic...all need enough water to work well. And if you can think of any important activity that doesn't involve one of these systems, good luck to you!

drink water

When I'm coaching, and enabling change in people, it's important that everything is working the best possible way. I'm often helping my clients to bring this to life as part of that process.

So, there might be some debate about how much water is enough, and certainly it will vary from person to person. As an average guide, I like to recommend at least 2 litres per day. Try that for a week and see how great you feel. That 'kickstart' in the morning coffee won't seem so critical after all.

And if you need to visit the powder room a bit more often, that's a good thing... you deserve a break :-)

* I actually found someone who disagrees with this theory...kind of. And he's a respected doctor and blogger with a very popular YouTube channel. And I like a lot of his work. Take a look here to see what you think

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