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Networking: Do It Right

Every year in November I attend the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Ireland Annual Conference.

So in about 6 weeks, it will be my 4th time attending one of these, having become a member in 2015.

I’m really looking forward to listening, sharing ideas, promoting the industry, learning how to help people understand the power of coaching.

And it’s also a great opportunity for ‘networking’. That is, making personal connections with other coaches.

Neil with Gerry Duffy

Networking is useful in many walks of life, if not all of them. It’s not about handing out business cards, although that might happen. It’s really about meeting people, sharing ideas, working together for mutual benefit and support. In any industry, it’s an important element to drive that industry forward.

So next time you’re offered an opportunity to attend a ‘networking’ event, don’t groan and imagine how dull it will be to shake all those hands and listen to people telling you how great they are. See it as a great chance to improve your industry, your colleagues, and give something back without expecting anything in return.

That last piece is most important: be a giver not a taker. Give without the expectation of receiving something back. And if you need to ask for something, ask without the expectation of receiving it.

If you proceed with these genuine expectations in your heart, the whole process will be enjoyable, valuable and rewarding, both for you and those you meet.

Neil with Niall Quinn

And a final message on the power of coaching: People should have the opportunity to take control of their destinies, by investing in themselves, not expensing on themselves.

Drop me a line if you want to understand more about that idea.


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