My operating principles


I believe that every company (in fact everybody) needs an identity, a set of values or principles under which they operate. This makes them recognisable and reliable. It guides behaviour.


These are mine, I'm passionate about them and proud of them.

Client focus

You, the client, are at the centre of everything I do. You are the number one priority and nothing is more important to me.

This is reflected in the way I communicate, the way I work, the way I act.

If not, please tell me...

Action orientation

I believe that success in life, business or anything, is based on taking action.  I won't sit on my hands nor allow you to do the same.

Coming out of our sessions, you will have a clear action plan to execute, and I'll support you in whatever way I can.

Drive for results

The whole purpose of action is to drive change, drive results.  You need to be able to see a difference, see those results, in order to be confident that what we do is working.

I am sure that what I do works, and I'll show you the results to prove it.


Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship, but when you're about to open up to a stranger, its paramount.

I'll earn your trust in the first few moments that we meet, in order to make sure that we form an alliance that will help you to achieve your objectives.


Alongside trust is confidentiality. You can be sure that everything we talk about remains between you and I only.  Unless there is an explicit agreement to disclose an item to a third party.

If I take notes during our sessions, these are available for you to see, and will never be shared with anyone else without your permission.


I will always behave in a professional manner with you, and my integrity depends on this.

This means I'll act in a responsible and lawful manner at all times, and I expect my clients to do the same.

If there's anything you need to discuss with me on this matter, I am always open to that conversation.

As a member of the EMCC, I am required to operate under a Code Of Ethics.  My principles set out above are complementary to those, and you can find that document on the EMCC website or by clicking this link CoE