Privacy Policy


Your privacy and trust in me are of utmost importance.

I'm also a big fan of simplicity.

So here is my commitment to you in terms of privacy of any information that you provide via this website

Privacy Policy

If you sign up for my E-Book, and/or to receive my newsletter, I'll only ever send you these items and relevant follow up materials. I'll never send you spam or unrelated marketing materials..

I'll never share your email with anyone else or any third party organisation.

I'll never sell your email address to any organisation.

If you sign up for a FREE Discovery Consultation, I'll send you emails connected with this session, and your email address will be added to my newsletter list. 

If you request to unsubscribe to any of these via the link provided, I'll process that request immediately and you'll no longer receive those emails from me.

If you make an inquiry to me via the contact page, I'll only use the information you provide to follow up on the inquiry.

I may respond via email, or if you provide a phone number, by call or SMS.

You will not be added to any subscription list, but I will keep your details on file unless you request I remove them.


If you have any questions or concerns at all about your privacy, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer them