Product Recommendations

These are products that I've used personally and they've helped me on my ongoing journey to be the best that I can be.

I've no personal connection to the products or sellers, except that I think they are great.

If you purchase any product via these links, it will help support my website and blog in a small way.

I love Fitbit and their range of products. I wrote about them in a blog which talked about measuring and managing. I was finally hugely successful in my weight loss efforts when I used one of them to measure my activity, and also used the free website and mobile app to measure my food intake.
It's no exaggeration for me to say that using Fitbit products changed my life!
I can't recommend them highly enough, take a look at their range...
Good Reading
Reading is a great way to expand your mind. There's a wealth of knowledge out there, and it's often difficult to find the best writing to help you on your journey
Here I'm picked out some of the best books I've come across in recent years. The books present new ideas and ways of thinking about all aspects of your life. It's great to look at life in a different way, learn from the success and failures of others, and make an informed decision about which way to go.

Literally a game changer, this is the story of how an ordinary guy entered the secretive world of self-styled pickup artists, and learned how to seduce women. As well as showing you how to believe in yourself and providing an insight into psychology and NLP, it's also a cautionary tale.

A fascinating insight into how the differences in the way you think about and understand money can set you on different paths in your careers. New insights into how we are educated in the western world, and how this leaves us destined for a life in the rat race, it's bound to make you look at your life in a different way.

This is a really powerful book describing a methodology for getting yourself organised in work and life. It follows the principle that you have to get things out of your head and into a system to clear your mind to be able to get things done. It's a simple process, but it requires discipline, I'm using it every day.

Fitness Gear
You know that a key element of success and happiness is a healthy body. I personally realised that late in life, but by no means too late in life. Here I'm sharing with you some of the gear, tools and equipment that I've used to help me get into relatively good shape, certainly a few miles away from where I was and able to achieve athletic feats that were previously beyond me. Don't hesitate if you feel that investing in some gear is just the inspiration and motivation that you need.

I love compression gear, and found this brand on Amazon to be great value for great quality gear, which lasts through wash after wash. There's a wide range of colours avaialble in each of the garments shown here. It's worth noting the difference that the COLD gear gives you when out and about in the winter months. The regular fabric is perfect for warmer conditions and I've never had a problem with overheating, even on the warmest days. Compression gear is great if like me you have a few wobbly bits that you want to keep in place, and they also help you with the mindset of feeling professional and like a real athlete. That's on top of the scientific benefits of muscular support and improved blood circulation, heat retention and moisture dissipation. So much of what we are trying to achieve is in our heads, that any little advantage we can get in mind as well as body is valuable.

This foam roller is great value. It's firm and robust, with enough notches and flat areas to give you the right kind of pressure each time. The ability to give yourself a sports massage on those tight areas after each workout is invaluable.

This mat can be used at home for yoga, stretching or any kind of calisthenics, and you can also take it to any external classes you may sign up for. When you place your aching knees on a hard surface, you'll be glad you have this mat to hand.

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